Duo Panavanti are flautist Luke Strevens and percussionist Jonny Raper. Duo Panavanti bring you some of the most reflective works from classical music's best loved composers, beautifully reimagined for flute and vibraphone. The music is arranged by the duo themselves to bring you a finely crafted sound, perfect for their instruments. Visit our download page to hear our newest release.

Formed in 2020, Duo Panavanti came together as a positive and restorative response to the dire situation in which the COVID pandemic left the world. The pandemic changed so much for us all and at times made art seem a thing of the past, at the very moment we needed it most. Duo Panavanti became the perfect creative outlet for us during restricted times.

Luke and Jonny have been playing together for a number of years as freelance orchestral musicians. Much of their work together has been in the world of opera. From their vast experience of accompanying from the orchestra pit, comes their profound grasp of ensemble playing and the duo's intrinsic, organic ability to respond to one another in performance.

The Duo are available for live performance and have recorded much of their work for download. Get in touch if you would like to have Duo Panavanti perform at your event.

Ukraine flag All proceeds from downloads of "Carol of the Bells" will go to charity in support of Ukrainians who are suffering.

  • Flautist Luke Strevens and percussionist Jonny Raper
  • Flautist Luke Strevens and percussionist Jonny Raper